Call Center Manager
The Call Center Manager will be in charge of lead cultivation and generation to with growth of our Birthright Israel program as the primary goal. Additionally, you will be tasked with helping Birthright Israel applicants through the registration process.
Call center components: Oversight of call center for sales purposes (including staffing, call lists, content, SMS + email campaigns, quality and strategy), cultivation of leads and conversion from lead to applicant. Additionally, you will work with recruiters to boost recruitment.
Registration components: You and your team will work directly with applicants to ensure complete applications and converting them to participants. Work with Chabads and alumni recruiters to get people through the registration process.

Responsibility for call center quality & production
• Complete oversight of call center
• Lead generation and cultivation
• Create communications timeline and calendar
• Create and implement effective calling strategies
• Create and implement effective email and SMS campaigns
• Oversight of customer service quality
• Assisting applicants through the conversion funnel
• Oversight of applicant registration process
• Responsible for maximizing conversion of applicants
• Work directly with recruiters on campus and in communities
• Generating leads from groups, alumni, recruiters, Chabad, Etc.
• Helping build and maintain effective email lists
• Cultivation and compilation of useful/clean lists
• Cleaning and monitoring lists to remain current
• Oversight of recruitment department
• Maximizing Mayanot’s sales of phone and insurance plans
Please email CV to [email protected]