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17 Shevat 5782 (19/01/2022)

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This that I am explaining should be explained to you and all children, adults and everyone should know it…
Just as G-d gave us a house and we are careful and put doors with locks and not let every stranger enter our home, so too G-d gave us a holy body. 
The laws of modesty is our door to protect ourselves. 
And if we feel some stranger, or someone familiar, or even family, touches us unacceptably, then we must shout and run away, and tell someone big and responsible, and if necessary to call the police, EVEN on shabbos.
We do not have to go into details, but sadly there are people who take advantage of us, because they know that we are more guarding of our tongues and do not want to say bad things about anyone, we are more modest and so do not want to tell immodest things that are forbidden.  But because we want to maintain holiness and purity, we WILL run to tell about those who tried to do immodest things, because it is WRONG and they are not allowed to. 

Unfortunately, we have this issue amongst our public, even within our institutions, and we must demand from the higher authorities a solution, how to teach protection to our children and young people (and to us too), inside homes, and within institutions.
Because our camp is sacred, and no man in the world has the right to exploit our purity, and it does not matter if it is because he has no virtues or he is sick.

And since our bodies are holy we may not harm it. We may not neglect it, nor tattoo it, we may not disgrace it, nor disparage it; And we may not kill it, for the same reason. No suicide.

The Pele Yo’etz, R’ Eli’ezer Papo, says in his genius,
עיקר אהבה, שיאהב האדם את גופו, הוא מפני שאוהב את בוראו. 
וכמו שאדם אוהב את כלי תשמישו ומקפיד עליהם שלא יישברו, 
כך יקפיד על גופו שלא יישבר, כי הוא כלי שרת לפני האדון ה’. 
– the primary love a person must have is for his body, because he thus shows love for his creator. Just as a person cherishes his implements and takes care not to break them, he must take care not to break his body, a holy implement before Hashem his master.

We will maintain holiness and purity out of awareness and choice and G-d should protect us and give us siyata d’shmyia.

* please note these ideas are not mine, and I am certainly not an authority to decide or judge anything or anyone. Please forgive me for any part that is missing from the original text. 

Kol tuv, Chodesh tov,

Ada Apfelbau